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The Gallery

Update: 1.5.2001
Uploaded 3 new pics that've been running around in my white sketchbook... or wait... maybe it was the blue one.
As for Webmistress Lizzie's contest, it turns out that I did get an honorable mention (for two pics! i.e. both of them...)
Haven't entered anything since then...
Art I @ School is becoming productive and teaching me to paint... I still don't approve much of my classmates, but they've become easier to deal with since the removal of *certain* sources of juvenile behavior. But I'm certainly not saying it no longer exists. _;;
I made a new page for the gallery (since tripod is EVIL and got rid of direct directory access.. which is probably for the best)... but, there are no links. So, follow the pattern to get to the pics...
Oh yeah, total image count is at 52 or 54 or something like that... I'm too lazy to count.

Update: 10.5.2001
Just uploaded 29 images! Most were from the first half of my sketchbook. Looks like I didn't even place in Webmistress Lizzie's contest. See! I told you I sucked at this! ^_________^ I am not one with fanart. p34(3 0u7 j0.

Update: 10.4.2001
And it finally dawns on me, that I should explain why I've done this, and why there's stuff that I consider "suck-dom" on this site. It's because I'd like to show everyone, with less (and far more) talent than I, that we all do horribly at this at times. With practice,as always, your skills will improve! (As will mine- hopefully.)
Anyway, the stuff you see here is mostly from my second sketchbook and assorted in-class (not art, heheheh...) doodlings. Which at times, REALLY SUCK! So, enjoy! (More stuff will be posted at some point in time.)

Update: 9.28.2001
Yokoso he nan to ka kan to ka... As you might notice, I'm a little out of it right now. Anyway, I'll be putting the stuff I make, draw, whatever, up here from now on. At least now it'll be accessible, ne? Anyway, I haven't drawn any real "fan-art" for a while, barring recent interests in making cute little piccies. Hehe.... I've entered Webmistress Lizzie's Escaflowne Movie Fanart Contest. Gee... I want to win something! The stuff I submitted is in my directory somewhere, so......

Click on this.

-Sailor Gnownaym

Please note: This site roxors you. Take any of the stuff off of this site and I will personally hunt you down and tear you limb from limb.

Legal mess: If I did anything based on someone else's work, like Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Takeuchi Naoko) or Card Captor Sakura (CLAMP), I'm obviously not taking credit for it. In fact, I'm paying homage to it. Because, it, like this site, roxors you.

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