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The White Moon Kingdom and Other Good Guys

The Inner Senshi(Scouts in the NA dub)
  • Serena/Tsukino Usagi as Sailor Moon, The Moon Princess, and Neo-Queen Serenity
  • Amy/Mizuno Ami as Sailor Mercury, and Princess of Mercury
  • Raye/Hino Rei as Sailor Mars and Princess of Mars
  • Lita/Kino Makoto as Sailor Jupiter, and Princess of Jupiter
  • Mina/Aino Minako as Sailor Venus, Sailor V, and Princess of Venus
    The Outer Senshi
  • (NA Dub name Unavailable)/Meiou Setsuna as Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time
  • (Amara)/Ten'ou Haruka "ushered in the New Age and acting gorgeously, Sailor Uranus"
  • (Michelle)/Kaioh Michiru "the same and acting gracefully, Sailor Neptune"
  • (Double Ditto)/Tomoe Hotaru "(I have no Idea what her intro phrase is), Sailor Saturn"

    Moving on to their Guardians...

  • Luna as herself- a guardian cat belonging to Serena/Usagi
  • Artemis as himself- a guardian cat belonging to Mina/Minako

    Their dream guys...

  • Darien/Chiba Mamoru (Boyfriend of Serena/Usagi) as Tuxedo Mask/Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Darien of Earth/Prince Endymion, Prince Darien of the Negaverse, Moonlight Knight, and King Endymion/King of the Earth
  • Greg/Urawa Ryo (Boyfriend of Amy/Ami- sort of) as himself- a crystal carrier with the ability to predict the future
  • Ken/? (Best friend of Lita/Makoto) as himself- a regular joe.
  • Andrew/Furuhata Motoki as himself- a friend of Darien/Mamoru and a normal guy.
  • Chad/Yuuichirou (As close to Raye/Rei's Boyfriend as you get) as himself- supposedly a former rock star who came to Raye/Rei's temple to get over his stage fright

    Their kids?!?!?!...

  • Rini/Reeny/Chibiusa as an incredibly annoying (some of us disagree...) brat and Sailor Chibi Moon/Mini-moon (GAG!), daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion/King of the Earth
  • Chibi Chibi (English Translation Unavailable because it means "Little Little" and that's about it) as a mysterious child related in some way to Serena/Usagi although we are not sure how- It's a complicated Sailor Stars thing involving Galaxia, but I won't tell you what.
  • Diana as a guardian cat from the 30th century, she is the daughter of Luna and Artemis

    Their non-senshi friends...

  • Molly/Osaka Naru a friend of Serena/Usagi
  • Melvin/Gurio Umino a friend of Serena/Usagi and boyfriend of Molly/Naru
  • Lizzie/Furuhata Unazuki Andrew/Motoki's sister, she works as a waitress and is a friend of Serena/Usagi

    People very important to the storyline...

  • Queen Serenity mother of Princess Serena (Moon Princess), killed in the negaverse attack on the Moon Kingdom

    People not as important to the storyline...

  • Sammy/Tsukino Shingo -Serena/Usagi's little brother
  • Serena's Parents(Tsukino Ikuko[her mom]and Tsukino Kenji[her dad]) who pop in from time to time for almost no apparent reason...
  • Raye's Grandpa who is the priest at a local shinto temple and an eccentric/dirty old man...
  • Miss Haruna/Sakurada Haruna who is Serena/Usagi's teacher and is constantly giving her failing grades and detention