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The Bad Guys

Please note that all of these characters are in the anime, not the manga

Starting with Sailormoon (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)...

  • Queen Beryl leader of the Negaverse, she destroyed the Moon Kingdom
  • Jadeite first of Beryl's minions to terrorize Earth, specifically Tokyo
  • Nephlyte second of Beryl's minions, he turned good in the end
  • Zoicite third of Beryl's minions, she was the lover of Malachite
  • Malachite last of Beryl's minions, he was the lover of Zoicite
  • Prince Darien of the Negaverse after being captured and brainwashed, Tuxedo Mask turned evil and started to help Queen Beryl find the Rainbow Crystals
  • Queen Metallia person Beryl gets her orders from, although her name is never mentioned, she is the sinister voice from the mists

    Moving on to Sailormoon R (Doom Tree Arc)

  • Alan alien from the negaverse who came to earth to get energy for the Doom Tree; lover of Anne, had a crush on Serena
  • Ann alien from the negaverse who came to earth to get energy for the Doom Tree as well; lover of Alan, had a crush on Darien
  • Cardians monsters used by Alan and Anne to obtain energy for the Doom Tree; their names are not listed because they are minor characters, and besides I don't remember their names

    Sailormoon R (Dark Moon Family Arc)

  • Negamoon Family, also known as the "Dark Moon Family;" they were banished from the Earth by Neo-Queen Serenity
  • Rubeus first head villian to show up from the 30th century Negamoon; he was killed when his ship self-destructed and Emerald refused to help him
  • The Four Sisters a bunch of bickering sisters under the charge of Rubeus that later turn good; they are also from the 30th century
  • Catsy one of the Four Sisters, her hair looks like cats ears
  • Birdy one of the Four Sisters, she uses ice attacks
  • Prisma oldest of the Four Sisters, she had a crush on Saphire (also Saffir)
  • Avery one of the Four Sisters, she uses a whip to attack people
  • Wiseman mystical sorcerer of the Negamoon family; wants to put everyone under the Doom Phantom's control
  • Prince Diamond leader of the Negamoon family; in love with Sailor Moon
  • Emerald Rubeus' replacement- not too bright either
  • Saphire Prince Diamond's brother; killed by Wiseman when he finds out about the Doom Phantom; has a crush on Emerald
  • Droids and Droidos just like Cardians only alot more of them; one to note is Droido Hypnotica