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Ohayō gozaimasu, konnichi wa, or konbanwa, netizens!

Welcome to moonVA, the universe's premier place for the otaku-tachi (anime fans) of Takeuchi Naoko's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. We are a non-descriminating worldwide fan organization. Wanna be a part of it? Click on "Join Us" at the top of your screen for details.

The Latest Developments From the Front... as of December 26, 2000

  • And so it begins... again... and again...
  • Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun switched time slots yet again. It should be on around 4pm EST/CST(?). However, the show will be leaving the Toonami block during the summer to make room for new programming. You can expect its return sometime in late summer 2001.
  • In Japan, the ninth Seramyu cd, Transylvania no Mori is out. (As of January or sometime around then.)
  • Volumes 1-4 of Sailor Moon S uncut and subtitled are available on DVD
  • As far as manga goes, Stars #1 (vol 16) is out, as is Sailor Moon #8 (vol 8, the first full volume of the S series)
  • Stars is undubbed/subbed at the moment and probably won't be anytime soon.
  • SuperS is dubbed and on TV (maybe not right now...), as far as video goes, it's not available.
  • Katsucon has come and gone...
  • OTAKON IS COMING! See its website for details and registration.
  • Bandai is still considering the US release of Seramyu... It'd be nice if they could consider a little faster, ne?
  • Puu's cousins are ultra-kawaii and sent her some nice SM goodies... scans will appear soon (Puu's definition, relative to the universal time scale, not yours- gomen!)
  • Nyao!
  • The mailing list lives! Keep sending the messages....
  • Something odd- Lingerie Fighter Papillon Rose- a definite adultish Sailor Moon doujinshi is due to make its online debut sometime this spring. Don't blame us if it confuses you. Don't go there unless your parents let you either. Besides... it's all in Japanese! Well, mostly, except for the english squabbling in the middle of the mostly-japanese bbs. And there is quite a bit of squabbling...
    That's all for now... I think

    Older Developments From the Front...

  • Terri Hawkes (the second English VA for Usagi/Sailor Moon) has given birth to twins!
  • Takeuchi Naoko (the creator of this thing we obsess over) has also given birth! Expect something to show up in her latest serial... something along the lines of "Hime to Ouji no Baby Punch"
  • KATSUCON IS COMING!! See their website for details.
  • Expect a links section to be added to this page at some point during the third millenium.
  • P.S. Only this page and the "Join Us" page have been updated with the new format so don't be surprised if you end up with the old page inside the new frame. X_X. Gomen. Toki wa ja nai yo.
  • Oh yeah... Stars Manga #1 is coming out.
  • BISHOUJO SENSHI SEERAA MUUN SUPER S debuted at some point in the past.... hehehehe.... guess who hasn't updated in a while.... The timeslot has changed to 4:30 PM EST by the way.
  • BISHOUJO SENSHI SEERAA MUUN S might have made its British debut on the Fox Family Channel. The reported date was Monday, October 23 at 8:20 am. Contact for more information.
  • Translated versions of BSSM mangas 1-7, and 12-15 have been released in English speaking regions. Reports on the accuracy and faithfulness of these translations have yet to be investigated.
  • Manga 8 has been scheduled for release in November of this year. Please check your local stores or favorite online retailers for availability. Our favorites? Barnes&Noble Online and P.S. If you live on the eastern seabord, B&N has faster shipping. ^_^ 3 days versus 5 is a big difference if you're anxious, right?
  • Pioneer is going to release all of S and SuperS on VHS and DVD. With the exception of the first one, the DVD's will be 4 episodes per disc. The VHS version will feature only the dubbed/edited version seen recently on the Cartoon Network.
  • ADV films revealed a short time ago that they are releasing the first 82 English Dialogue episodes of Sailor Moon. VHS format only! 0_o
  • Bandai is considering bringing the videos of Sera-Myu(Seeraa Muun Myusicaarusu- aka the Musicals) to the United States. Yippee!
  • BISHOUJO SENSHI SEERAA MUUN S debuted in the United States on June 12th on Cartoon Network (cable/satellite). It has been reported that they have and do intend to show all 38 episodes! Sugoi, ne? These episodes can be seen at 4pm (EST/PST) on Cartoon Network. Check your local listings for details.
  • BISHOUJO SENSHI SEERAA MUUN has made its British debut on the Fox Family Channel.
  • Translated versions of BSSM mangas 1-6, and 12-14 have been released in English speaking regions. Reports on the accuracy and faithfulness of these translations have yet to be investigated.
  • Mangas 7 and 15 should appear within the next few months. The release of #7 is slated for August, while #15 (SuperS 4) has been scheduled for June. As of June 15th, 2000, #15 has not been released to our knowledge.
  • The subtitled and unedited versions of the R, S, and SuperS movies were released as of August 31, 1999. Simply put, they're great. The translation is superb.
  • The edited dubbed version of the Sailor Moon R movie, called "The Promise of the Rose," hit stores in North America on February 8, 2000. The movie features an opening sequence with scenes from all three of the movies. The ending theme "Moon Revenge" has been replaced with the DiC creation "The Power of Love." We here at moonVA haven't heard anything particularly good about this version, but we suggest that you check it out for yourselves. We haven't come to a consensus on its quality just yet.
  • The dubbed versions of the S and SuperS movies are expected relatively soon.
  • DVD versions are available as well, but aren't as easy to find. We suggest searching the online retailers. (, etc.)
  • The edited dubbed version of the Sailor Moon S movie, retitled "Hearts in Ice" was released as of March 28, 2000 on VHS and DVD. The DVD features both the edited-dubbed version and the unedited-subtitled version. The SuperS movie, now called "Black Dream Hole," should be released some time in August. Rumor has it that this was a mindless butchering of a perfectly good anime.

    Some Newish Club Info Members Should Know...

  • Chats at delphi have been changed to 7:00 PM EST Friday nights.
  • The discussion list is for discussion. Feel free to comment on all things anime no matter how controversial your opinion is. For example- you think Tuxedo Kamen is a moronic twit? It's ok! Start a discussion! Email if you're a member.
  • Ditto for the delphi discussion boards.
  • Sailor Gnownaym, our groovy pres ^_^, has done away with the member information submission requirement for the sign up. It is now much easier to join!

    Got hard disk space?

  • Japanese Sailor Moon MPEG layer 3 (MP3) files are available online from a number of sources. One of our favorites since went offline (sniff!) is
  • Subtitled epsisodes for three full seasons of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon can be found at You'll need RealPlayer to run these files. One half of an episode is usually about 20 megabytes and takes 1.5 hours to download on a 56kbps modem. While you're there check out some Macross 7, also in RealPlayer format. Update(as of November 6, 2000): Fumei Anime appears to be nonfunctional at the moment.
  • All the episodes that have ever been posted on SenshiTV/Fumei can be found at (Mario Knight's Bishoujo Online). Actually, he has all 200. Sugoi, ne?
  • BTW- If you were worried about getting interrupted during a download and having to start all over again, the future is here! Actually, it's been around for quite some time now. GetRight is a program that lets you pause, resume, and schedule downloads. It will even retry busy servers a gazillion and a half times until it gets in. This comes in very handy for the incredibly popular afore mentioned SenshiTV. Why doesn't the webmaster recommend GoZilla!? Because it annoys her! Its elaborate graphical interface just gets in the way.

    This page last updated: December 26, 2000 by Sailor Gnownaym (Puu!).

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