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So you want to join moonVA!

If you want to join our comfy, cosy, litte, Sailor Moon community, there are only three requirements:
  1. You must absolutely be addicted to watching Sailor Moon!
  2. You must join the mailing list
  3. You must join our delphi forum ( so you can post messages and paricipate in the chats

So once you're sure that you can meet those requirements, fill out this form:

Fill this out to join our
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Enter your email address below,
then click the 'Join List' button:
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Then come back and fill this out

The Sign-Up Form

Name(Desired Club Alias; make sure no one already has it):

Email Adress:

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Favorite Sailor Senshi (Sorry, Anime Only):

Favorite Villain (Or Groups Thereof)(Sorry, Anime only):

Favorite Color:

Favorite Cartoon:

Favorite TV Show:

Hobbies(You've got 600 characters- elaborate!):


One last thing before I let you go! If you signed up with a redirecting email adress (i.e. your real address is and you signed up as or some other email adress that is not the mail server you are on currently) then you probably need to go to and set it up so your real email adress is connected with your account- nobody will get your email adress provided you send mail from your other account (not your real one). So if anybody doesn't understand this respond to If you do understand this- send me a message anyway.

So everybody respond to this so I know you are "there."

Thanx a mil!
Sailor Gnownaym
"Tsukini kawatte Oshiokyo!" -Sailor Moon